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Thank you for visiting OxygenAbsorbers.net.  Our goal is to provide you with 100% satisfaction.  We work hard to provide you with quality products pertaining to the food dehydration, camping, food preservation & storage.   We appreciate you supporting a Mom and her family by purchasing our items.  Thank YOU!

A little about me-  My name is Stephanie, a MOM & Food Dehydrationist located in beautiful Castleton, NY.  I dehydrate all kinds of food and believe it is the healthy way to go in 2012 & beyond.  That is why after I dehydrate food, I store them in glass jars or I vacuum seal them.  But before I seal them, I always include an oxygen absorber.  What is an oxygen absorber, you ask?  An oxygen absorber is a small package of iron oxide that eliminates the oxygen within an environment.  Once you eliminate all of the oxygen, any bacteria will be gone.  An oxygen absorber is key in the food dehydration process.

I dehydrate a variety of great fruits, veggies, beef jerky & upload them for you to see.  Click here to see our 50+ videos!  We recommend & sell 30cc, 50cc, 100cc, 200cc, 300cc 500cc, 1000cc & 2000cc oxygen absorbers, click here to buy them now!  Free U.S. shipping for a limited time only!

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